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Customize Private Tours

Private tours involve a culinary walk through Prague and are designed for those food lovers who want to go beyond the deliciousness of our regular “New Town" Local Food Tour.

Private tours are scheduled based on your needs and our availability. (Please check the prices). We have prepared several places to visit in the most diverse and interesting neighborhoods in the city (“New Town” and “Old Town”).

Along the way, we will talk about Prague′s food traditions, history, where Czechs shop, how they cook at home, how 40 years of a totalitarian regime impacted on their everyday lives, etc.

This tour is completely private so that we can focus on the things that really interest you. Please provide us with information about the areas you would like to explore the most, so we know where to start from:-)


The below topics gives you an idea what we can talk about:

Beer and Spirits * Secret and mysterious Prague * Czech food culture * Dark times (40 years of communism) * Michelin restaurants and fine dining * Countryside & restaurants * Czech cultural heritage * Luxury spas * Prague night life * Getting away from the city * Czech pubs and bars * Beautiful views and places * History and museums * Art & Galeries * Sports * Shopping * Expat culture * Traditional markets * Breweries * Nonalcoholic tours * Life by the river * Hipster hang outs * Bakeries and pastry shops * Local restaurants * Butcher shops & steaks * Vegan places * Don’t go zones * Wine bars (yes, we grow wine here - in the Moravia region) 


Wine tours in the Moravia region:

Since our beautiful Moravian white wines are such a national treasure wine tours in the Moravia region are available on request.

This tour includes: 

Enjoy one light meal before tastings, one evening meal at local selected vineyard 

Enjoy one complimentary glass of cool wine with a light meal

Enjoy one complimentary cup of espresso coffee 

Enjoy accomodation in small family hotel with breakfast

Scenic drive through the Moravian Wine Region

Visit selected vineyards for cellar door type wine tasting

Meeting vineyard owners and winemakers 

Visit up to 3 vineyards 

All wine tastings are included

Bottles of selected wines can be obtained at your own cost

> Moravia is 3 - 4 hours east from Prague (near the Austrian border) and you will be taken there by comfortable transport. 

> Wine tour is a two - day tour and you will return to your hotel in Prague around noon on the second day OR if you would like to continue your journey to Vienna, Bratislava or Budapest we can arrange transportation there by car or by train upon request.

Accommodation, transport, wine tasting, evening meal (incl. breakfast) and soft drinks in typical Moravian wine cellar are included in the price. Please contact us about the price.

Please note: It is highly recommended that over the next 2 years this tour is undertaken via train due to “D1” motorway restrictions (these should be no longer apply in 2021).

* We will gladly arrange everything and accommodate your needs before you arrive *