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About us

      How we started in short?

Because we love to travel especiall to different countries and adore food we came up with the idea of offering Food Tours in Prague.


Why we are different?

We are not only a sampling tour but also a true eating tour. 

No cheese and sausages. We will feed you Czech food that you won´t forget. 

We prefer smaller more intimate groups, so we can talk and fully listen to you. You can ask us anything that is on your mind which will help make your tour a lot more rewarding. 

BUT we also do up to 30 persons groups. Please check corporate tours section for this.

In both cases we will provide you with up-to-date information not only about Czech gastronomy, but also about the city itself which you won’t necessarily get from your hotel concierge or most guidebooks.

We will help you to discover the uniqueness of Czech food (...and if you order traditional Czech dumplings we will ask you to don’t spread a butter on them, couse they are not a biscuits or bread) Ok:)


Also dont forget that: 

We are a beer superpower.

We are surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage sites.

We are one of the safest countries in the world.

Who are our guides?

David, the sagittarius in Prague's culinary scene: always in search of new experiences, he will enjoy sharing with you his most authentic findings in order to make you discover Prague from a local perspective.

Veronika is comited to finding the coolest restaurants anywhere she goes. She is ready to give up everything for the most local food you can have:)

Robert is a former diplomat who has long experience with the history, politics and culture of Prague. He is a lover of good food and will be pleased to introduce you to some of the best in his favorite city.

You made a great decision..

This exciting city with a deep historical roots you are visiting is now fully established in the center of Europe and its days of being a forgotten part of the Soviet bloc are long over. After 40 years of communism, you can believe that the stories we tell you really happened here. We are very much interested in our culture, old traditions, customs and handicrafts, we enjoy going back to our roots.

Fill your mind and your stomach on our tours!

We love our tours and we put our hearts into them! 


Come to Prague and have one of the best foodie vacations ever!

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