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About us

When you decide to book your tour with Pragusto, you can be 100% sure you won't be part of a crowded group going to see regular tourist placeson Wenceslas Square or ride on big tourist buses.


We prefer a more intimate atmosphere so the groups are never bigger than 8 - 10 people in Pragusto City Food Tour. It is much more pleasant so we can talk and fully listen to you.


You can be sure that we won´t charge you any extra fee and also we don’t work on any additional commissions from restaurants we are going to visit together.


We are just real food enthusiasts who truly and deeply love our town and we will feed you Czech food that you won´t ever forget.

It is essential and important for us, that we can show you around the best Prague can offer and so you will get to know our people and more about our culture through food.


As for your vacation you are here to rest and enjoy it therefore we are extremely happy to treat you in the best way possible so you can absorb the beauty of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

You can ask us anything that is on your mind -it will help make your tour a lot more rewarding. 


We will provide you with up-to-date information not only about Czech gastronomy, but also about the city itself which you won’t necessarily get from your hotel concierge or most guidebooks.


We will help you to discover the uniqueness of Czech food ...AND if you eat traditional Czech dumplings we will kindly ask you to don’t spread a butter on them, because they are not a biscuits or bread, ok? :)))

You made a great decision..


This exciting city with its deep historical roots is now fully established in the center of Europe and its days of being a forgotten part

of the Soviet bloc are long over. 


BUT after 40 years of communism, you can believe that the stories we tell you really happened here :)


And so this is us,  interested in culture, traditions, handicrafts, going back to our roots. Simply a man of flash and blood, same us you, so let´s have a fun on our tour together :)





Come and fill your mind and stomach on our tour




have one of the best foodie vacations ever.

Pragusto Food Tours originaly started in Prague in 2017

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